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Seeing The Unseen

BatMap measures brown fat activation within our bodies – the healthy fat that burns sugar to lower white fat storage.

InflaMap quantifies inflammation within our bodies, revealing its early onset in the extracellular space of organs and tissues.

BrainMap exemplifies our composite pathology mapping, revealing inflammation, myelin loss, axon damage and plaques.


Mapping inflammation, myelin loss, axon damage and plaques via multi-spin-echo and multi-gradient-echo imaging.


Mapping brown fat activation via multi-gradient-echo imaging.


Mapping inflammation, fibrosis, ballooning, fat and iron via multi-spin-echo and multi-gradient-echo imaging.

Click for the LiverMap protocol.


Mapping inflammation, fluid and fat deposition via multi-spin-echo and multi-gradient-echo imaging.


Mapping cartilage damage via multi-spin-echo imaging.


Mapping inflammation within extracellular space via multi-spin-echo imaging.


Mapping fibrosis in the perisinusoidal space via multi-spin-echo imaging.


Mapping percentage body fat via multi-gradient-echo imaging.


Mapping iron deposition via multi-gradient-echo imaging.


Mapping intracellular cancer activity via multi-spin-echo imaging.

Enter Into The World Of You

Navigate Your Health With Body Mapping

BodyMap 0:45

Watch a whole-body sequence of Body Maps under development.

LiverMap 0:59

Your choice for screening the onset and progression of liver conditions.

BrainMap 0:59

Map inflammation, axonal damage, and myelin loss for your brain health.

Wanida Chua-anusorn, PhD, MBA
Inventor &  CEO

Body Digital

One To Many

Hi, I am Wanida, the founding CEO for Body Digital - the data company mapping human physiology at a cellular level. Our target is 'Seeing The Unseen' - to get to 'the closest truth' of our body health. Our mission extends beyond technology development to delivery, from 'Healthcare' to 'Wellcare.' I, along with the growing team, am committed to taking the path less travelled, for greater benefit, in what we do and how we do it.

This is my first message, with more to come.
Dr. Wanida is the architect of the BodyMap technology, leading the design and development of this innovative system for body digitisation and non-invasive diagnosis. Wanida has founded multiple tech startups, from concept to exit, including one that achieved listing on the ASX (Australia Stock Exchange), from her first co-invention for liver pathology mapping. Wanida applies a revolutionary mindset, along with her commercial acumen, to drive growth – both financially and technologically – with a focus on social responsibility.